Every 20 minutes of active timer (called "break") points are accumulated (called "UP🎈"). If the timer is activated and then the app is exited, the timer stops, losing the progress of the break in progress. This means that if, while making a break, you decide to answer any incoming (excluded calls) or outgoing (including calls) notification, the timer will stop.
I can also decide to spontaneously interrupt the break in progress by pressing the X.
The UP🎈 that are accumulated can be spent to obtain rewards: experiences, products or services that have advantageous economic conditions or unique characteristics specially designed by the partners who have an agreement with LOOKUP.

You can accumulate maximum 9 consecutive breaks, which correspond to 3 hours of active timer no stop. At the end of the nine breaks the following breaks will not be taken into account and you will have to restart the timer manually.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR iOS USERS: LOOKUP only works if you have activated the screen lock and unlock functionality through code, Touch ID or Face ID.
LOOKUP works from 06 AM to 11:59 PM,, therefore UP🎈 will not be accumulated in the remaining hours.
At the end of the day at 11:59 PM LOOKUP forces the timer to be interrupted, crediting the UP🎈s reached up to that moment.
During registration, you are asked to enter your membership time zone. When you are in a distant place with a different time zone, the system recognizes a difference and you will be asked to change the time slot set during registration.
To make the LOOKUP experience engaging for anyone, we have created different levels of UP🎈 accumulation, which change according to the use that each makes of LOOKUP.
A first week of "Level 0" starts when you register on the app: every 20 minute break accumulates 10 UP🎈. Starting from the second week, according to the statistics of the previous one, the UP🎈 accumulation system can change according to the following scheme:
Level 1 - "Battery Discharger": 5 UP🎈 each break;
Level 2 - "Serial digitizer": 10 UP🎈 each break;
Level 3 - "App Trainer": 20 UP🎈 each break;
Level 4 - "Social Network Guru": 10 UP🎈 each break;
Level 5 - "Leisure Pirate": 1 UP🎈 each break.

Level 1 represents the user who uses the smartphone a lot, level 5 represents those who do not use it at all.
From week to week a level change may take place, based on the use of LOOKUP made in the previous seven days.
Observing the level scheme used, you can see how Level 3 is encouraged. This is because, in line with LOOKUP's mission, the goal is to achieve a healthy balance between online and offline. Therefore, those who use the smartphone less are not rewarded, but those who use it better over time.
First of all, it is not allowed to use two smartphones: either for an ethical reason, or for a technical reason.
If you just can’t not get smart, from the second week onwards the Level 5 - "Leisure Pirate" is automatically assigned, where the accumulation of points is minimal. Reaching the necessary points for rewards will become very difficult...
During the Challenges are activated control systems that allow you to identify who uses two devices and, at the discretion of Lookup Srl, decide to delete the user profile and ban for 1 year.
LOOKUP used on two smartphones with the same profile (for example one corporate and one private) provides that if one of the two devices has a break in progress, it is not possible to start other breaks on the other: simultaneous breaks are not allowed.
The attribution of the UP🎈 for each completed break takes place thanks to a data connection: if this is not present, at the end of the breaks a notification of this type will be issued:
Don't worry, earned UP🎈s will be automatically added as soon as a data connection is available. Warning: this will happen without any warning notification.
If the problem persists even with an active data connection, fill out the "Contact support" form, we will try to understand what went wrong.
If you are sure that you have data traffic available, go to the drop-down menu at the top left of the β€œHome” screen, then in "Breaks not sent" and take a look if the breaks that didn’t load are there.
If you find them in the list, press "Enter Force" (you must have data traffic!) and the missing breaks and UP🎈s will be uploaded immediately to your profile.
You can click on the "Awards" section where you will find lists of awards divided by categories. If you click on a specific reward, you will find the value, useful information and indications on how to redeem the reward from our partner.
When you choose a reward, it is automatically loaded into the cart and once you confirm the order in the "My orders" section, you will find the rewards with the relevant codes and QR code to show to the partner.
In the screen of each prize there are all the indications that help to understand how to use it.
The code will be useful when the prize is collected in practice: if it is a question of prizes in which physical presence is required, the code must be shown to the partner, who will check it and validate it. At that time, payment will be made to the partner according to the conditions set out in the award.
If it is a question of prizes for digital platforms, just enter the code before payment in the "discount code / coupon" form.
Send an email to: info@welookup.it. However, the following conditions must be met:
⁃ the "wrong" prize has not yet been used (if it has already been used we are sorry, it is not possible to exchange);
⁃ You must have enough points to get the "correct" prize (otherwise the "wrong" prize is removed from the profile and the score restored).
If the partner does not respond to the request for redemption of the prize within 7 days, write to us at info@welookup.it. We will try to understand what went wrong and fix it.
All our partners offer promotions that diligently comply with the latest health regulations.
In the event that it is not possible to make a prize, an alternative in the calendar will be communicated in time to propose the same prize again. If this is not possible, we try to find an alternative prize of equal value that can be appreciated.
First of all we are very sorry for the inconvenience. We would like to recover immediately, so do not hesitate to contact us at info@welookup.it so that we can understand how to help you, remaining available for any further needs.
In the drop-down menu at the top left you will find the "Contact support" function, fill out the form and we will try to solve it as soon as possible.
In the drop-down menu on the top left you will find the "Become a Partner" function, fill out the form and you will be contacted very soon.
The payment methods proposed by the partners are valid and are communicated in the screens of each award. For ecommerce, the methods used by the related digital platforms are valid.