Let's have an aperitivo! 🍻

Valore Premio: € 55,00


Late afternoon. You just finished work. The desire arises for a moment of relaxation with your partner and unplug for a moment .. Let's have an aperitivo!

The Quality Events guys have thought of a fantastic box containing the ingredients to make two drinks, 2 vintage glasses, a jigger (the measuring cup 😉), the appropriate garnish and instructions for preparation, with the history of the drink.. How cool!

This is a commercial offer formulated exclusively for LOOKUP users.

  • Partner: Quality Events;
  • Reward use: 1 box for 2 people;
  • Location: Online.

How does it work?

You will receive an email from the address info@qualityevents.it within 5 working days from when you obtained the reward code, to define the details on how to use the promotion.

The same day on which the service will take place, the code must be presented to the LOOKUP Partner and the payment must be made.

Payment methods: cash, credit cards, debit cards.