359Gin: discovering the distillate made in the Valle di Caino 🍸

Award Value: € 85,00


There is gin and gin .. A very fashionable distillate lately, but truly chameleonic and fascinating!

In this fantastic experience you will try your hand at a trekking ore of about 2 hours in the Valle di Caino to see where 359Gin is born, followed by a lunch in a farmhouse with typical Larian dishes and a tasting of 359Gin (botanical 🫐 and fruity 🍓), guided by producers and short mixology lesson!

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  • Partner: Cicero Experience;
  • Prize use: single in a group of 12, on a weekly basis;
  • Award duration: 4 hours;
  • Location: Erba (Como).

How does it work?

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