Guided tour of the Puppet Museum 🎎🎎

Award Value: € 75,00


An incredible guided tour to discover all the secrets of Gioppino and many other historical characters! 🪆

A visit to the Puppet Museum is an experience that returns a piece of Bergamo's popular culture not to be forgotten.

The Museum exhibits about 120 wooden heads that represent a priceless heritage, material and immaterial, genetically linked to the Bergamo and Lombard identity. 🔴🟡

The entrance ticket to the Museum includes, until October 30, a visit to the temporary exhibition "Journey to the West - puppets and puppets of the Chinese tradition in the collection of Mario and Giorgio Pasotti" 🇨🇳 Don't miss it!

For LOOKUP users a discount of € 25.00 is available from the price list for the guided tour. Take advantage of it!

  • Partner: Museo del Burattino;
  • Prize use: group of 10 people;
  • Award duration: 1 hour;
  • Location: Palazzo della Provincia, 4th floor, Via T. Tasso 8 (Bergamo).

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