Massaggio ARTS OF TOUCH® 💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♂️- Milano

Valore Premio: € 105,00


The ARTS OF TOUCH® MASSAGE is a "patented" wellness treatment that skillfully combines the best of the Esalen massage technique with Shiatsu and Reflexology applications. An extremely engaging experience that envelops you and accompanies you towards deep relaxation, pampering your body and your spirit.

It is a relaxing and decontracting massage suitable for anyone, at any age.

A treatment offered exclusively in Varese and Milan.

The ARTS OF TOUCH® MASSAGE is a subtle blend of Western and Eastern massages with a deep, enveloping and fluid action. It combines long movements and passive joint mobilizations, relaxes tensions, promotes flexibility and muscle tone, activates circulation, helps to create a sense of harmony and psycho-physical balance from which health and well-being are born. With the active stimulation of the skin, lymphatic system and blood system, thanks to the stretching of the tissues and the mobilization of the limbs, the ARTS OF TOUCH® MASSAGE helps to gradually eliminate metabolic waste and helps reduce stress. It is performed on the bed, with the body always covered by a sheet and with the use of organic oils.

It is a real "cuddle" with physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Take a moment for yourself, to reconnect with your body, discover a massage that you cannot try elsewhere!

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  • Partner: MiFaiBene;
  • Reward use: single person;
  • Award duration: 1 hour;
  • Location: Via Manara 5, Milano

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