Visit to Arlecchino's House Museum 🎭

Award Value: € 3,50


The charm of the most famous mask in the world! 🌈

The House preserves a selection of masks of the characters of the commedia dell'arte and has hosted, since 2015, a permanent puppet theater of the Compagnia del Riccio, where short stories are staged on the occasion of guided tours of school groups and special events. 🎎

The Museum is also home to educational workshops and guided tours along the Via Mercatorum organized by the Mercatorum and Priula Cultural Center.

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  • Partner: Orobie Tourism, Experience of Real;
  • Prize use: single in addition to a group, from Wednesday to Sunday from 2.30pm to 5.30pm;
  • Reward duration: 40 minutes;
  • Location: San Giovanni Bianco (Bergamo).

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