Guided tour of the Paper Museum 🔖

Award Value: € 8,00


Such a common material, so precious!

And who knows what's behind a sheet of paper, is one of the few .. 🍀

The visit to the Mele paper museum follows the journey made by rags or materials to be recycled to become new paper. Thus, the rooms of the factory and paper mill come back alive and productive every day as rooms in the museum and in the artisan workshop. 📜

Even today, as if time had stopped, all the machinery, tools and artifacts await the visitor to tell the story of the production of paper and of the men who - with so much effort together with women and children - made it. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

The Master Cartaio illustrates the visit to the paper museum with passion, competence and enthusiasm; and he will lead each visitor until they make a hand-made sheet of paper. He will also accompany him on a journey back in time among the rooms, the tools, the gears, the noise of machinery and water, the walls still imbued with the acrid smell of 'pisto' (Genoese name of the basic material). . 👃🏼

He will make him relive ancient times when man drew energy only from nature, water and wind!

For LOOKUP users, admission to the museum is available at a reduced price, including a guided tour. Take advantage of it!

  • Partner: Museo della Carta di Mele;
  • Reward use: single;
  • Award duration: 30 minutes;
  • Place: Via Acquasanta 251, Mele locality, Genoa.

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