Paintball for kids at Athena Park

Valore Premio: € 5,00


Do you want to spend a few hours of leisure with your friends and do not know what to do? A valid alternative to group doom scrolling on smartphones. Here she is!

Athena Park offers over 1500 square meters of land on which to battle and have fun at the same time! There are several objects in the field with which to protect yourself and study the strategy of attacking the enemy team

In addition to the fantastic paintball field, Athena Park also offers a green area where you can organize your own birthday party 🍖, for example, a wonderful educational farm 🐓 and a play area to entertain the little ones in complete safety! 🧒🏻

For LOOKUP users a discount for the third refill of pump guns (ages 8 and up). The prize cannot be combined and transferred. Take advantage of it!

  • Partner: Athena Park;
  • Reward use: single in a group;
  • Award duration: 2 hours;
  • Location: Contrada San Salvatore, Ferrazzano (Campobasso)

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