1 month subscription of "Functional Fitness" course 🏋🏼🏃🏻

Award Value: € 90,00


But why is functional fitness so fashionable? Because it is tiring, technical, always different, adrenaline-pumping and you risk becoming addicted to it.. But it also has flaws! 😊

Functional Fitness is a type of training that is based on a series of functional movements that constantly change, performed at high intensity to achieve total physical prowess: all movements can be adapted to the level and abilities of the person, so that everyone can perform the same workout, with a personalized degree of difficulty.

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  • Partner: Reborn;
  • Reward use: single person who will train in a group;
  • Reward duration: 1 month subscription for lessons lasting 1 hour each;
  • Location: Largo delle Industrie 9, Torre Boldone (Bergamo).

How does it work?

You will receive an email from the address staff@youreborn.it within 5 working days from when you obtained the reward code, to define the details on how to use it.

The same day in which the first lesson will take place, the code must be presented to the LOOKUP Partner and the agreed payment must be made.

Payment methods: cash, credit cards, debit cards.