Party box! 🥳 Children's edition

Award Value: € 100,00


The Mille Baby girls have thought of a truly wonderful product!

A customizable box based on the tastes of your children with everything you need to prepare a party for 12 children with all the trimmings! Inside you will find:

  • 60 balloons
  • 12 Personalized placemats
  • 25 saucers
  • Napkins
  • 12 juices (with juice) and with personalized label
  • 12 straws
  • 25 glasses
  • 12 personalized popcorn boxes
  • 1 candle
  • 12 Theme Cadueaux
  • Confetti
  • 25 wooden forks

What are you waiting for? Come on and prepare a surprise party!

This is a commercial offer formulated exclusively for LOOKUP users.

  • Partner: Mille Baby;
  • Reward use: single person;
  • Location: Online.

How does it work?

You will receive an email from the address within 5 working days from when you obtained the reward code, to define the details on how to use the promotion.

The same day in which the first lesson will take place, the code must be presented to the LOOKUP Partner and the payment of € 80.00 must be made.

Payment methods: cash, credit cards, debit cards.