A top invitation to your party! 💌

Award Value: € 6,70 per ogni invito


The girls of Miral Events give their all to make your party an unforgettable memory, starting with the invitations!

They deal with the graphic design and/ or printing for the participation in weddings, birthdays, graduation parties.. In all situations where you celebrate and want an RSVP, both for the envelope and for the invitation real and porprio.

For LOOKUP users the miral Events fee is discounted by 5% from their list for a minimum of 50 prints!

  • Partner: MirAl Events;
  • Reward use: single;
  • Location: Everywhere

How does it work?

You will receive an email from the address miralwee@gmail.com within 5 working days from when you obtained the reward code, to define the details on how to use the promotion.

The same day the order is placed, the code must be presented to the LOOKUP Partner and the agreed payment must be made.

Payment methods: bank transfer.