PLASTIC-FREE cool products 🎋

Award Value: 10% di sconto


Fourteen billion four hundred million kilograms of microplastics in the oceans.

In number, perhaps it makes the idea even more: 14,400,000,000 kg. 😱😱

But it's not too late! We can all contribute to a turnaround.

Serendipity Shop is an ecommerce that offers not only meticulously selected plastic-free products for personal care, for the home and for travel, but also gives excellent ideas in its blog to start implementing a change of mentality, in everyday life, from small things that create big environmental problems.

Now is the time to act. Not tomorrow, now!

For LOOKUP users, a 10% discount is available for the first purchase on the Serendipity Shop website; the discount code cannot be combined with other promotional codes or with other products on sale; shipping costs excluded.

How does it work?

Go to the Serendipity Shop website, decide what to buy and enter the unique code in the "Do you have a discount code?" at checkout, before payment.