Yeah, travel! 🗺

Award Value: € 30,00


Experiences to live in the open air, in contact with nature, in Italy and in the world .. 🤤 No, it is not a dream!

Sharewood is a platform that promotes outdoor adventures and there is plenty of choice on itineraries: adventure and sport, sea, traditions and typical dishes, trekking and mountains, lake, nature and culture, or travel in music!

Is it not possible to travel at this time? No problem! Sharewood gives you the possibility to keep the reservation valid for 12 months, except for further extensions due to health limits in force.

For LOOKUP users, a credit of € 30.00 is available for orders placed on the Sharewood Viaggi website.

How does it work?

Go to the Sharewood Viaggi website, decide what to buy and fill in the contact form to speak with a Travel Expert: in the body of the message informs you that you have redeemed the prize, communicating the code received and define with them the details on how to use the promotion.