Enjoy the magical Spirulina algae 🌿

Award Value: 20% di sconto


Well, spirulina is a real superfood!

It is a blue-green algae, naturally rich in nutrients and beneficial for our body.

It has:

  • 20 times the beta-carotene of carrot,
  • 3 times the vitamins, minerals and calcium found in milk,
  • 10 times the iron found in spinach,
  • 3 times more protein than meat.

Contrary to what one might believe, the Spireat guys have created a 100% made in Italy product that is very pleasant to the taste (unlike spirulina of oriental origin ..), easy to digest and gives a crazy charge!

It can be consumed in soluble powder, flakes (they are chips! 😋), capsules or in very good energy bars or in a non-alcoholic drink that is a bomb.

For LOOKUP users a 20% discount is available for orders placed on the Spireat website; shipping costs excluded.

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How does it work?

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