Wild and healthy herbal teas! 🍃

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"In a world that travels fast, Wilden wants to slow down, become the ability to take the right time to savor the natural ingredients of life."

It is with this philosophy that the guys at Wilden.Herbals have studied ad hoc products for every occasion, in order to create new daily rituals and better prepare the body and spirit to DETACH from the daily noise.

Their site is gorgeous, the products are of exceptional quality and you can subscribe to their service, so you will never run out of "Remedium"!

PS. They have created playlists on Spotify to accompany any type of herbal tea .. 💚

For LOOKUP users 10% discount on all Wilden.Herbals infusions and products!

How does it work?

Go to the Wilden.Herbals website, decide what to buy and enter the unique code in the "promotional code" field at checkout, before payment.